Darielle Meyerowitz and Alan Deicas were married on Sunday July 19, 2015 at Coasterra on Harbor Island, the beautiful, new addition to the Cohen Restaurant Group. Darielle is South African and she loves Lionel Ritchie. BFP's 16 piece band did renditions of some of his greatest hits like All Night Long with a fabulous horn section. Alan's family is from Mexico. During the traditional hora dance the groomsmen threw Alan five feet high up in the air with a sheet. Both bride and groom are both the last children in their families to get married so BFP did the traditional Mazinka dance honoring both sets of parents. Not even the unusual San Diego weather, thunderstorms and rain pouring down from the sky, could affect the tremendous amount of energy and fun that was generated by the guests' dancing and their exuberant response to the live music.