Then and Now


Then and Now

I am the fourth and youngest daughter of two very unique and special individuals, Marin and Wayne Foster, who have a magical, musical love story that continues to this day. After decades of producing and performing, Wayne and Marin continue their legacy as the masters of special event entertainment, producing live musical entertainment for special events nationally.


My father, Wayne Foster, a totally blind since birth musician and entrepreneur, started playing an instrument at age 3 when his mother told him that if he wanted to have a family, he needed to have a skill to earn a living to support a wife and children. So he learned the Accordion, then graduated to the Piano and by his 12th birthday was winning cash and prize contests on TV and even played the piano impromptu, at the White House on a grade school field trip.


My mother, Marin Foster, a true angel, came into the picture when she was 16 and Wayne was 17, She attended a fundraiser dinner dance in New York where Wayne was playing in his band. Marin went up to Wayne on a dare and touched his hand (he could not see Marin due to his being totally blind)….without a flinch Wayne immediately responded to Marin's touch by gently placing his hand on top of hers and at that moment they both say that they knew they would be together forever, and they have been together since that night for over 60 years.


Wayne arranged music and voice lessons for Marin in New York City and soon Marin was a very important and talented part of the act. Their band , Wayne Foster Music, was hired for society parties, at country clubs and for inaugurations at the White House. They experienced much success in New York, got married, had four daughters and in 1972 decided to move to California for better weather.


They basically started over in 1972, basing their business out of Southern California, as they built their client list and fan club one successful party at a time. They brought the East Coast Big Band leaders’ style out to California, like Lester Lanin and Peter Duchin, whose format of Continuous Music, Blending the Generations, playing Show Tunes and European Music for worldly, well traveled audiences proved to be successful and well received. They produced live musical entertainment for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events and fundraisers since they landed in SoCal. Their four daughters, Susan, Jackie, Nancy and myself, Bonnie, all learned music and became part of the act and subsequently part of the family business.


My family has provided music for legends and athletes such as Oprah, Quincy, Dr. Phil, Magic Johnson, Steven Spielberg, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ben Roethlisberger, Corey Maggette, Barry Gordy, Harrison Ford, Julio Iglesias, etc..and they have entertained close to six million guests at over 25,000 weddings and events in the last 50 years, at beautiful resorts, country clubs and venues throughout the United States.

From my earliest childhood memory, musical entertainment was a significant part of my family life. At age six I started performing with the band on stage, singing and dancing and infusing good energy and entertainment value into the private parties my parents produced. I learned all aspects of the business throughout high school, from auditioning, contracting and booking talent, to meeting with clients and producing bands and orchestras, to basic bookkeeping. Throughout my college years at UCLA, I would fly to and perform wherever we had an event. After college I got married to a childhood crush. We were blessed with two beautiful, productive, well-adjusted children, Izzy (co-founder of Talking To Teens) and Sami (soon to be college graduate), and I spent their first five years with them as a stay at home Mom. Eager to resume my full time involvement in the family business once my children were in school, I was able to focus on business development and within five years I doubled gross sales of the family business. I believed in our product and felt passion for making people happy and their events memorable with our music. Sharing my parents' love story was always part of my presentation because it was real and magical. My other job in the company was as Master of Ceremonies and Conductor for the New Wayne Foster Dance Orchestra, while my father, Wayne Foster played his signature white baby grand piano and my mother, Marin Foster, produced all aspects of the show from off stage with her headset on and her cordless microphone in hand. She has the ability to make it all come together with lights, sound, wardrobe, talent placement, music selection, timing and every other detail that makes such a live musical experience perfect.

Some of the biggest lessons I have learned from my talented parents are their tenacious work ethic, drive for perfection and unique ability to exceed their clients' expectations. The great news is they are still collaborating on fabulous events. I believe it is the music and the positive energy it creates that keeps them feeling like those two teenagers in love, just like when they met, even after living and working together every day for over sixty years. To me, that is true magic.

I am honored to continue this wonderful musical legacy, to ensure my parents' decades of experience in producing the best musical entertainment is shared with you, as you celebrate significant moments in your life with your circle of family, friends and associates.

Cheers to maximizing life's happy times while we can. Plan a party. Have great live music. Make your next significant celebration extraordinary!